The left photo is the most recent design of Narni Kansas while the far right is the first design of Narni made back in 2015.

His name was originally "Nani' but because of misspelling it became "Narni". He was first shown to the group chat and since then has become very developed and a personal favourite of mine (@Luciiferr)

He was made to be a fandom oc, then persona but that changed rather quickly and in the span of a week he was just made a normal oc (Original Character)

Narni started as a 14 year old edgy kid from Poland, his backstory was much more edgy and he was more of a psychopath; which compared to now is practically a totally different character. He was a pretty much a Mary Sue for the first few months, but then slowly it changed to him being a 15 year old from Sweden, who was born in the early 1600s but because of a spell his brother manged to cast before he and his family burned to death he woke up randomly in a field in Hamilton, Ontario in the year 2009.