Jonathann Antoinette is a 17 year old from New York City, NY. He was born on February 29th.

He lived in the city for 14 years of his life until he moved to Ohio after his parents had a divorce and his mother wanted to have a nice restart.

Early Life

Jonathann was born on the late night of February 29th in New York to Lila Antoinette and Casey Ayaka, and their only child.

Lila was a bookstore owner so Jonathann spent everyday after school in the bookstore helping his mother and also reading some of the books.

Casey was a office worker who worked a desk job.

Jonathann had a rather normal child and was nothing special.

When Jonathann’s parents divorced his mother got full custody, they packed up and left the city, they moved to Ohio because his mother’s sister lived there. They stayed with her until they got their own small apartment.