West Kansas is a 20 year old from Stockholm, Sweden who's current residence is unknown.

West was born on the 2nd of April in 1598, although his name is a non-Swedish name he is just as Swedish as his siblings.

West has naturally dirty blonde hair but dyes it blue, with one half being a dark blue, and the other half being a lighter blue. He also wears a blue hoodie, and black pants. His skin tone is average, and his eye colour is blue most of the time.

Early Life

Being the first son of King Benjamin Kansas, and Queen Iris Kansas his birth was widely celebrated over the country with a ball the royal family hosted dedicated to their newest member of the family, this ball was bigger than the one they had for their first child, West's older sister Siri Kansas.

Growing up West always acted as if he was better than everyone, which at the time was celebrated due to him being a prince. He would be extremely aggressive towards the townsfolk who tended to avoid him. Once he was caught covered in the blood of a local farm's sheep but because of the era, was labeled as a 'Natural Born Hunter' and then was taught how to hunt by his father.

The whole village feared young West, and by age 10 he was labeled "liten djävul" meaning "Little Devil" in Swedish. West knew he was feared and enjoyed it.

He tried to teach his younger brother, and youngest sibling Narni to act the same way he did but it never worked as Narni was too kind to the villagers who adored him.

Working For Mahogany

After being introduced to Miss Mahogany by two twins West had met, he quickly grew to like the business they were in.

He started out as just keeping track of inventory, but quickly moved up the ladder and reached 'Head Of Weapons And Hits'. Basically meaning his trigger-happy self got access to all the guns, and weapons; and got to lead and organize assassinations. He became the boss of the twins who originally introduced him to Miss Mahogany. The twins; Randy and Zander got a little salty about this but had to follow orders in order to not be executed.


20 year old West ran off in the end part of 2015, he hasn't been seen by anyone he knew since. No one bothered to file a missing persons report since legally West didn't exist in the first place.

When he left he took an expensive car, some weapons, and drugs along with him. Supposedly to continue his drug dealing, assassination ways but not with a giant company like Mahogany's.