The year 2009 in Black Eyes lore was the year both Narni, and West Kansas woke up randomly in a field. Narni waking up in a park in Hamilton, Ontario Canada; while West woke up in a school yard in Albany, New York.

West woke up knowing exactly what happened while his brother was very confused and scared.

West's first experience with the year 2009 was him being very taken aback by the change from what he knew in the 1600s which to him felt like it was only seconds ago. He was fascinated by cars and lights.

Narni's first experience with 2009 wasn't so calm. Narni freaked. He had no idea what happened and was now a scared 10 year old alone in the big city of Hamilton. He ran into the road nearly being hit by a car, and even ended up setting the alarm off on a parked car sending him into a screaming and crying mess on the sidewalk.

A Week After Waking Up

A week after waking up West had some knowlege on what was going on in the world. He had a new outift, a simple black shirt, and jeans. He was slowly learning about technolagy and spent most of his time in a libary. He also learned what Google was.

A week after Narni was still a mess, he spoke broken English and the first time he saw a computer he screamed "Wichcraft" at it. He would sleep in an empty allyway had hadn't eaten for days.